Empowering Youth

Resolute Clothing Co. is proud to partner with leading registered charities working hard everyday to provide programs and services to financially disadvantaged youth.   When you purchase any Resolute Wearable you are helping youth receive vital support programs and services for healthy development and academic achievement, helping them get a head start to create more promising futures.
We know investments in areas like youth mental health, homelessness, chronic illness treatment, employment skills training, education scholarship to funding under-resource schools help make a difference for disadvantaged youth.
Resolute Clothing Co. aims to disburse funds to registered charities that demonstrate the social impact that lifts up children and youth across diverse communities.  Together, we are investing in the next generation and we thank you for your purchase and support.
With the launch of Resolute Clothing Co. in May 2019 we have begun identifying charitable partners that align with our social impact goals. As we grow we will be releasing biannual reports (June 30 and December 31) highlighting how our financial contributions are being put to work for the betterment of vulnerable youth.
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