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Low-income Family Giving on the Rise | Resolute Clothing Co Blog |
Low-income Family Giving on the Rise

While costs of living mount for Canadians, low-income families are showing a 10-year growth of their charitable giving. This demonstrates they have strong affinity to helping others, and hopefully this trend encourages others to contribute generously.

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Education: The Key to Future Success | Resolute Clothing Co Blog |
Education: The Key to Future Success

At Resolute Clothing Co, we are supporting the UN sustainable development goals, specifically helping vulnerable youth achieve higher education, good health and wellbeing.

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Single Parenting. It's Not Easy | Resolute Clothing Co Blog |
Single Parenting, It's Not Easy

Life can throw us into unexpected situations and somehow we find the strength to rise above them. For me, it came in 2002 when my sister passed away fairly suddenly and upon her untimely death I became the guardian of her 4 year old son.

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The Genesis of Resolute Clothing Co |
The Genesis Of Resolute Clothing Co

It is my hope the message and goal of Resolute Wearables will resonate with you and together we will make a transformational difference in the lives of children and youth in Canada and around the world. When you purchase our products you help vulnerable youth build a positive future.

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Resolute Clothing Co is proud to offer high quality, comfortable t-shirts that hold their shape and fit. Super soft and made to last. Review specific product description details on the individual product page.

Graphic tees are UNISEX FIT, unless specified on the specific product page, and are North American standard sizing (see chart below).


Measures (inches)





Length 28 29 30.5 31.5
Wide 18 20 22

  * Small and medium sizing may fit pre-teens and young teens based on individual measurements